Auto Loans made easy

We make it easy and we make it transparent. We work with a network of local credit unions, subprime lenders and factory brand financing(new cars only) not only to get you the best approval but to have you approved on the first shot. Our representative will go through the final process over the phone to make sure you don’t have any questions and make sure you understand each step of the way. Keep in mind when it comes to financing, in the state or Arizona there is no prepayment penalties, this is a positive thing for a consumer because it allows you to pay ahead and cut down on your overall principle of your loan. It also helps you pay off quicker, or be able to refinance if need be. It’s no secret we are here to make a profit, but we want to be able to inform and help our customers make the best decisions so we can earn their trust and their business in the future.

Whether you’re an experience automotive connoisseur or if your a first-time buyer, Valley Autos AZ is happy to help you find your next car.

Pre-Application Tips

Its always best to be prepared, especially in a market where inventory is still scares, you want to be able to capitalize on getting the vehicle you want on the first try before someone else snatches it up right from under you. Here are a few things you should have ready when it comes down to giving you the highest chances of getting approved.

  1. Have your two most recent paystubs available and ready to be emailed.
  2. Know your monthly gross income or hour hourly rate at however many hours you work a week.
  3. Lenders usually require two years on the job(shows stability) if you’re new then be able to provide previous employment and time there.
  4. Know what payment range you are open to or know how much you are willing to go up.
  5. Be transparent with the representative, better communication helps you achieve what you want.
  6. Money down, money down helps you cut down on the over all loan, lowers payments, may help you get a better rate, can help qualify you for a higher chance at getting an approval.
  7. First time buyers want to have between 15%-20% down of the price, a lender isn’t going to extended a lot of credit on the first auto loan, so think under 20k total, if you have light credit with high scores then its possible to get a higher amount approved.

Ready to get started?

One last thing, when it comes to any type of financing its all on approved credit till the deal is done. We can never guarantee an approval but this why we give the tips on how to have the highest chance for an approval.